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BeBold Publishing is a consulting company that publishes inspirational content that impacts lives. We are not a traditional publishing company. We don't publish your book. BeBold is committed to inspiring you to impact the world with your ideas and wisdom. We help you self-publish your work in excellence and confidence through consulting services, courses, resources, and valuable expertise.

"I’m am so grateful for BeBold Publishing! I was in a place of feeling very defeated after being denied by four publishers. I was starting to lose motivation and questioned if my work would ever get out. A friend referred me to Karla at BeBold Publishing and a new confidence grew. She was so knowledgeable about self-publishing and her boot camp helped me realized how realistic the process would be. Her expertise guided me in a direction I wanted to go in! Self-publishing has been an AMAZING experience! I would highly recommend the boot camp and consultations to any author out there. I went from needing to finish three chapters to self-publishing my final product in a month! I’m so thankful for Karla and the support that has been provided through my self-publishing journey!"
~Jasmine Emerick 
Author, The Postpartum Therapist
"I am a story teller by nature...with the ability of seeing the humor in every day life. For years I used Facebook as my platform to entertain and encourage others. People kept encouraging me to put those stories in a book. Two years ago in June I joined a BeBold class to give me specific direction and advice. The class pointed me in the direction I needed. Karla then worked with me on an individual basis to help me get my book together and published. It was her help that gave me the confidence to publish my book Melted Chocolate and Muffin Tops!"
~Cheryl Carmichael Heberling
Author, Melted Chocolate and Muffin Tops
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